Structured settlement expert directory, a cutting edge tool to build a settlement planning practice

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom looks at the issue of how to effectively utilize social media and video together in building your structured settlement planning practice. This video is entitled "Seed, time and harvest" and provides an in depth look at the costs, measurable results and value of partnering with a network of professionals to collectively build your respective practices. 

In the structured settlement profession, there is precious little cooperation among firms, in fact it would be better to describe the fight for market share as leading to people not sharing ideas, concepts and products at all, so as to better differentiate their brand. By contrast, the Structured Settlement Expert Directory is an open platform, based on cooperative pricing and is geared to give it's members tremendous search engine results under the key terms of structured settlement expert, agent and planning. 

Take the 10 minutes necessary to watch this weeks video and decide for yourself if it isn't in fact time for you to finally push out into social networking, video content and educating your clients and potential clients through innovative tools like this directory.