Mark Wahlstrom, President of Wahlstrom & Associates  founded of one of the nation's first plaintiff only structured settlement firms in 1983, and is a renown specialist in settlement planning, structured settlement annuities, structured legal fees and the administration of large, complex multi-claimant settlements using qualified settlement funds and trusts. Located in Scottsdale, AZ he manages a national practice with clients in every part of the country and is the host of The Settlement Channel and Speaking of Settlements. 

As a pioneer in the specialty of Settlement Planning, he has made it his life's work and mission to expand the process of Settlement Planning across the country and into every trial lawyers practice, so as to insure that every injured plaintiff or their family has access to competent, unbiased, planning which takes into account the unique nature of their financial circumstances. Mark fought for over two decades to curtail the now discredited practice of defendants mandating settlement terms and investment choices to unrepresented or uninformed plaintiffs and as a result of his dedicated efforts, every plaintiff and their attorney now has the right and responsibility to engage their own settlement expert to help them design, place and determine the suitability of a structured settlement. 

Mark Wahlstrom, Host of The Settlement Channel

In addition to his national reputation as a leader in Mass Tort and Multi-Claimant case management, administration and design, Mark is also recognized one of the nation's recognized experts in the application of QSF and 468B Trust design in the taxable damages arena. His strategic vision and creative designs pioneered innovative uses in cases as diverse as polluted ground water in Toms River, NJ, Woburn, MA, genetically modified rice seed litigation in the Southern US, as well as large scale employment law and sexual abuse cases.  He has also become widely known over the last decade for his innovative development of an award winning online broadcast platform, Sequence Media Group, upon which he has produced hundreds of hours of shows for The Legal Broadcast Network, and The Settlement Channel, with the content being of interest to attorneys, paralegals, judges and settlement professionals all over the United States.