The Settlement Channel, is hosted and managed by Mark Wahlstrom, President of Wahlstrom & Associates, and is an affiliated channel on The Legal Broadcast Network. While functioning as a blog and commentary platform, it is also one of the places on the Sequence Media broadcast platform where you can view broadcasts and commentary on Speaking of Settlements, a commentary and news show on the structured settlement and settlement planning professions. While typically hosted by Mark, guests are from a wide range of disciplines and include some of the nations leading experts in structured settlements. 

The mission of The Settlement Channel is to provide original content news, commentary and educational material for settlement and legal professionals related to settlement planning, mass tort's, law firm case financing, structured legal fees, structured settlements, secondary market structured settlements and alternative settlement funding options.  

Established as an audio broadcast in July 1, 2005, The Settlement Channel was one of the first examples of the interactivity crucial to managing and sharing information and knowledge in highly specialized legal and financial markets. It was the first full time broadcast and media platform on the topic of structured settlements and remains among the leading content providers and commentators.