Podcast with Attorney Mark Zamora, author of "A Georgia Lawyer" blog.

I've finally gotten around to doing a long over due podcast with Attorney Mark Zamora who is the blogger and attorney who authors the "A Georgia Lawyer" blog. Attorney Zamora is from Decatur, GA and has an interesting practice, with part of it being a local personal injury practice, but another aspect of it being a national practice focusing on defective drug litigation.

You can hear the entire podcast here, as well as by going to the Settlement Round Table archive.

Mark and I discussed how he got started blogging, some of the benefits of being a regional attorney who speaks to a national audience, and how his expertise in defective drug litigation is starting to bring him national contacts and attention thanks to his diligent expansion of his blog.

A very interesting 18 minutes for trial lawyers, planners and others to listen and hear what he's learned, where he hopes to go with it, and also more about Attorney Zamora's practice and the cases he is working on. Hopefully he will be a regular guest as we go forward.  

Posted on May 11, 2006 .