Hartford Insurance settles claims with CT and NY AG's

In a case which goes to the heart of the broker compensation and disclosure issues that are increasingly becoming part of the insurance and settlement industry, Hartford Insurance Group settled with the Attorney Generals of CT and NY, respectively Attorney's General Blumenthal and Spitzer.

The WSJ law blog has a post here, and we will be posted a pdf of the settlement in our resources section later today.

As readers of our blog and channel realize, this issue of broker compensation, duty to disclose and off the book payments is becoming more and more a focus of both criminal and civil cases against the insurance industry, so we will be focusing on it in great detail in the coming months. Scroll down and take a look at the Jack Melligan interview for a hint of what we will be discussing.

 As promised the PDF of the press release and details of the case are available here.

Thanks to Attorney Dick Risk for forwarding it to me for posting here.  

Posted on May 11, 2006 .