A "must read" article on the lead paint verdict in Rhode Island.

In one of the better and more expansive pieces of reporting done on litigation in quite some times, the Sunday NY Times has done a superb job of getting to the facts in the stunning verdict last month in Rhode Island.

The entire story is available here, registration is free, but required.  

 In a case that no one thought the plaintiffs had a chance of winning, the heavy hitters at Motley Rice, returned a stunning verdict under Rhode Islands public nuisance laws, and the jury decided that the four major paint companies were going to be liable for the clean up, public health cost and remediation of the lead paint in the state of Rhode Island.

In the words of a couple of analysts, after appeals the amount could range from zero to billions, so the reporting done by the NY Times in looking at the key players, how the case progressed, what occurred in the court room and what happens next is some of the better legal reporting I've read this year. Be sure to check it out.  

Posted on April 2, 2006 .