Big and getting Bigger. Another record month for The Settlement Channel

Well, the numbers for March are in and once again we had an explosive increase in both subscribers to blogs, podcasts, page views and show downloads. I was saying a few months back how I couldn't believe we had 50,000 download's total in the first 9 months, and now in March we exceeded 20,000 for the month alone.

Next week we will be announcing three new commentators who will be regular guests and content providers for the channel, as well as some really exciting news for those of you interested in starting to share in speaking to and with our ever increasing audience of financial, insurance, legal and settlement professionals. I expect this initiative to increase our audience ten fold in a short period of time, while at the same time broadening and improving the variety of offerings provided here on The Settlement Channel. Quite honestly my biggest issue at the moment is keeping up with the opportunities, training additional staff and running my "other business" Wahlstrom & Associates, which actually pays the bills, or at least some of them.

As always I appreciate your emails and suggestions for guests, content and show ideas so please continue to send them along and to share this blog and podcast channel with your friends who could benefit from it.  

Posted on April 4, 2006 .