BP Oil Spill litigation, here comes the legal battle among the lawyers first

Attorney Rick KuykendallAs the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to gush and defy containment efforts, the legal issues surrounding this historic environmental disaster are just now starting to become clear. Attorney Rick Kuykendall, a Fairhope, AL native and one of the nations leading class action and environmental law experts joins Speaking of Justice on The Legal Broadcast Network again this week in a four part interview discussing the four key areas applicable to the monumental legal event. 

I am republishing this post here on The Settlement Channel as this disaster could have the potential to be the biggest opportunity in a generation for the settlement profession to craft settlement solutions using innovative non-qualified annuities. However, it is going to take some boldness on the part of the brokers, planners and life market to make this happen. Until the picture is clear we get to stand on the side lines and watch the battle between the various litigation groups to determine who will control this litigation and the shape of any eventual settlement or judgement.

Part one looks at the current issues as to the containment and spread of oil over the Gulf Coast region. Recent efforts to put a dome or containment "box" have failed and the spill continues to pump thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf each hour. This video looks at what is currently going on with the spill and what are the patterns of the plume over the Gulf.

Part two looks at the legal issues related to the BP Oil spill as to the claims of residents, businesses and fisherman in the Gulf region. The legal battle and types of claims for damages are just now being made clear and the economic loss is yet to be determined. However, it is useful for any lawyer or potential claimant in the oil spill litigation to get a fundamental understanding of what the legal issues are and how they might be approached going forward.

Part three looks at the class action lawyer feeding frenzy that is occurring in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. This is hardly the professions finest hour as groups of mass tort and environmental firms battle to not only sign up clients, but maneuver to gain control over the litigation and the public relations battle as to the proper legal approach. It is an unseemly battle featuring some of the biggest names in mass torts and class action law and Rick Kuykendalls perspective is one of a 30 year veteran of these cases and as a Gulf coast resident and native.

Finally part four looks at the issues of whether or not an MDL ( Multi-District Litigation) will be formed in federal court to consolidate all claims. Part of the battle of the various legal teams and groups is to get that status in place to have themselves named as the lead counsel or MDL representatives so as to direct the legal battle. It is high stakes and it is crucial the residents and others impacted by the BP Oil Spill to understand the big picture of how this is shaping up and how to protect their legal rights going forward.

The Legal Broadcast Network will continue to cover this story from the perspective of lawyers who live in the region and practice law there. We will bring you the most current news but also the perspective of the legal battle sure to come against BP Oil, but also among the groups of trial lawyers looking to represent the damaged parties in the Gulf Coast region.

Posted on May 10, 2010 .