Randy Dyer and Mark Wahlstrom on Speaking of Settlements

In part two of a three part interview featuring Randy Dyer and Mark Wahlstrom, they look this week at the topic of non-qualified annuities and their potential to dramatically increase the premium written in the structured settlement market.

Perhaps no other area of settlements offers the potential, but at the same time greater frustration, then non-qualified annuities as the market is huge, but clearly the brokers do not have the ability to sell into it with the current people, resources and support.

Another part of this weeks discussion is on the difference between marketing and sales and the failure of the settlement profession and the firms that dominate it to build coherent marketing plans, organizations and to fund them appropriately. As we enter a phase that should be a huge selling opportunity for tax free fixed income, the relative weakness of the marketing programs in place continues to inhibit growth in the profession.

Watch for part three of this discussion next week, here on Speaking of Settlements.

Posted on September 9, 2009 .