Three Part Podcast series on Alborn Medicaid decision.

Today will be the first release of our three part series on the Arkansas Dept. of Health and Human Services v. Ahlborn Supreme Court decision that came down on May 1, 2006. Joining us on The Settlement Roundtable Series is noted attorney and expert Matthew L. Garretson of The Garretson Law Firm in Cincinnati, OH, and a frequent guest and speaker here on The Settlement Channel and also on The Legal Broadcast Network.

The importance of the Alborn decision, it's impact on those who deal with Medicaid lien issues, such as trial lawyers, elder law attorneys, paralegals and settlement professionals can't be understated and this is a must listen series to get a foundation on how this decision has expanded the protections afforded injured parties in dealing with Medicaid liens.


Part I, which is available today by click here, gives you a little back ground on Matt Garretson, a foundation on the Alborn decision and what exactly the Supreme Court decided. Matt also discusses the difference between Medicaid and Medicare liens, how they are managed post Alborn and some of the strategies available to professionals. Parts two and three will be released tomorrow and Thursday and they will discuss allocation strategies, the use of qualified settlement funds in Medicaid and Medicare lien resolution, as well as what professionals should be doing proactively on these cases to prevent unnecessary loss of funds to reimbursement of liens. All in all a very good series that will get you up to speed on these issues, as well as point you to resources for further study.

The full series will be available Friday in the show archives here at The Settlement Channel. We always appreciate having Matt Garretson as a guest, and his contact and professional information is available in our frequent guest section here.  

Posted on July 18, 2006 .