Introducing our Open Forum for Settlement Professionals.

After a short test period I have opened up the first "Open Forum" discussion area for Settlement Professionals. It's right there on the right side of the menu options under "Settlement Industry Gossip and News". You'll see the Open Forum link right beneath it.

You can click right here to go check out the postings. 

 There is currently a spirited discussion on factoring and transfer companies, but you can join and add your own topic if you wish. A couple of features and rules are as follows:

1. You may choose to assume an anonymous identity. I personally like this as it allows people to be more candid then they might otherwise be.

2. However, anonymity is not an excuse for slander. Strong opinions are welcome, but make sure you can back up your thoughts with facts. If it's border line i'm going to delete it.  

 3. All topics are open. You can start your own as well as add to others already created.

4. We are all adults but profanity will be deleted.

If the initial response is any indication this will quickly be a big feature here on The Settlement Channel. Use and enjoy.  

Posted on January 31, 2006 .