Next NJ Vioxx Trial set for January.

Couple of notes for you Vioxx news junkies.

First this article from the Wall Street Journal online edition. Judge Carol Higbee has apparently narrowed the cases down that she wants to hear next, and all of them are 18 month plus usage of Vioxx, complicating the Merck defense compared to the Humeston case, which hinged on short term use questions and causation.

The second is a fascinating interview conducted yesterday at the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference in Las Vegas. We had a chance to interview Attorney Chris Seeger and we think you'll enjoy watching the video of that conversation with Jan Schlichtmann. As we are working on our video podcasting edit system, it will take a day or two longer as we refine the process, but i'll be sure to post it right here as well as on the front page over at The Legal Broadcast Network.

Posted on November 18, 2005 .