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Wahlstrom partners with SPI to develop Mass Tort division and expand Settlement Planning options for advisors

Mark Wahlstrom, the President and Founder of Wahlstrom & Associates announced today on his weekly broadcast, Speaking of Settlements, that his firm has reached an agreement to partner with Settlement Professionals Inc, (SPI) of Portland, OR. 

Wahlstrom will head up and develop the newly created SPI Mass Torts division with the intent of taking the decades of experience developed by Wahlstrom & Associates in Mass Torts and Multi-claimant litigation, and making it available to current and future settlement planners in the SPI national network.

This video will be of particular interest to structured settlement professionals and settlement planners, but also financial planners looking to add settlement planning to their professional practice. SPI will be announcing a variety of initiatives and expansion plans in the coming weeks and months with the objective being to create a dramatically different planning firm that appeals to top tier financial planning and consulting firms who are looking to either break into or expand their existing practice.

Posted on January 10, 2013 .