Part two of the Settlement factoring discussion series.

Part two of my four part interview and discussion with Matt Bracy, General counsel for Settlement Capital, one of the nations first and largest settlement liquidity or factoring firms.

This podcast is the historical perspective of how the market evolved, who were the originators, what were the abuses and battles that occurred in the early years, and what has brought us to the market we have today.

Remember each of these is part of a 4 part discussion designed to give the trial lawyer, structured settlement broker, paralegal or financial planner a greater understanding of how factoring works, how it developed, the legal and legislative basis upon which the industry exists. Too many professionals think they understand how it works, but really don't, and this is a very solid series designed to get you conversant and comfortable with some of the more complex topics that will be following shortly.

Listen to part two of Mark Wahlstrom's interview with Matt Bracy on settlement factoring by clicking here.  

Posted on May 11, 2006 .