Structured Settlement Forgery Charges Filed Against Miami Lawyer

A Miami lawyer is facing forgery charges after investigators uncovered seven Broward County and Circuit judges signatures he allegedly forged. The documents were related to civil cases involving structured settlements. The judge’s signature is used to help verify and conclude the recipient of the structured settlement payments is getting a fair deal.

Jose Manuel Camacho, of the Miami based Camacho Law Group, was arrested in October after two of the judges found their forged signatures on filed documents. After interviewing a number of the judges, investigators accused Camacho of forging one hundred and fourteen signatures in total. 

This type of crime disrupts the trust between the courts and the lawyers. The judge assigned to the case elaborated on the changes in the way judicial orders should be filed now and that since lawyers may not be trusted a deputy of the clark now must go to the judges’ offices to pick up the orders.

Camacho is being charged with fourteen counts of forgery, each count can carry maximum of five years in prison.

Posted on February 23, 2016 .