W.H.O. diesel fumes study confirms cancer risk, the next big wave of lawsuits on the horizon?

In early June of 2012 the World Health Organization came out with what may prove to be a landmark study and conclusion on the health impacts of long term exposure to diesel fumes and exhaust. While the W.H.O. looks at this on a global basis given the wide spread use of diesel fuel in third world and developing nations, it is also impacts workers in the US who have had long term workplace exposure to diesel fumes. 

You can read more on this story by clicking this link to a NY Times article dated June 12, 2012.

Earlier this week I had one of my client attorney's, the esteemed Mass Tort Expert Frederick "Rick" Kuykendall, in our Sequence Media studios here in Scottsdale, AZ to do a video brief on what this W.H.O. report means, the likelihood that the American Cancer Society will follow up with a similar finding and the impact it may have in workplace safety litigation down the road.

Rick's conclusions are that the mounting evidence and agreement among various governmental and private entities that diesel fumes cause lung cancer could lead to a mass tort on the scale of asbestos, IF, several legal, administrative and evidence hurdles can be gotten over. For those of us in the settlement and legal arena this is a good video primer on the facts, the types of claimants that may have faced long term exposure and what the potential is for litigation. 

Posted on July 27, 2012 .