Wahlstrom to speak at Society of Settlement Planners annual meeting

The Society of Settlement Planners is taking an innovative step forward in how they are handling their annual meeting this year in Las Vegas, NV. The three day event, which starts April 29th and runs through May 1, is open to anyone who is interested in or currently working in the area of structured settlements, settlement planning or providing investment or funding programs for the settlement profession.

Mark Wahlstrom Society of Settlement Planners Conference from Sequence Media on Vimeo.


What makes this unusual is that they are including annual membership in the organization as part of the event fee of $800, creating an unusual value at a time where convention costs, CE events and hotels for meetings such as this are becoming ridiculously expensive. They will be hosting it at the Vdara Hotel on the Strip and from past experience this is a great location for a meeting of this type as it is removed from the casino floor or monster convention hotels that make it almost impossible to network with attendees at the event.

Mark Wahlstrom will be speaking on the topic, " So you think it's bad now?", a look at the last five years of the structured settlement profession and the challenges facing settlement planners and the industry moving forward, among them:

  • The reality of a continued low interest rate environment for the next 24 to 36 months, which has a huge impact on fixed rate, long term payment products such as structured settlement annuities.
  • Continued and accelerating advertising and marketing by the secondary settlement market, aka factoring companies and the confusion that advertising has created with claimants and others about what the structured settlement product really is
  • A circle the wagons and burn the infidels mentality among the entrenched structured settlement firms regarding alternative products for the the structured settlement market.
  • Looming pressure and marketing from banks, trust companies, investment managers and others that sell against our product.
  • An almost complete failure by our profession to effectively market our services and brand due to limited budgets, commitment and follow through at our associations, provider companies and major settlement firms.

Still, with all of that said, amazing opportunities continue to open up each and every day to partner with other professionals, expand markets, elevate our brand and profession if we would only raise our sites to do more than settle old scores and hold on to the tiny slivers of market share we have left.

Watch this little preview video and consider attending the SSP annual this year for an agenda that will cover a wide range of topics, speakers and ideas as we once again attempt to kick start the growth of our profession so that we can better serve injured and hurting people who need our advice and expertise.

Posted on March 9, 2012 and filed under Speaking of Settlements.