Brook Hollow TV, a step forward in structured legal fees

One of the great pleasures of operating a broadcast platform such as we have on Legal Broadcast Network is the ability to create custom crafted content that fits very specific areas of expertise in the law. Our ability to do this in a powerful and affordable fashion brings us to our newest channel, Brook Hollow TV, the first program dedicated to the specific topics of structured legal fees, structured attorney fees and provides a sophisticated look into the cash flow and planning challenges facing trial lawyers.

Brook Hollow TV is hosted by the Brook Hollow group out of Chicago, Illinois, a firm that has developed over the past decade a reputation for creative solutions in the area of structured sales, structured legal fees, or as some refer to them, structured attorney fees. Their recent launching of the Kenmare Assignment Company, one of the most innovative firms to come on to the structured settlement and planning market in the last 15 years, is an illustration of their commitment and willingness to invest in solutions for their legal clients.

As the channel builds out, attorneys, tax lawyers, CPA's, structured settlement experts and others who work with trial lawyers on tax, cash flow and retirement planning will get a regular stream of shows, content and commentary illustrating how lawyers can spread out their income using a safe, but sophisticated program, designed by Brook Hollow and funded through their Kenmare Assignment Company.

Check out the Brook Hollow TV by going to or go to the Brook Hollow page that outlines the Kenmare assignment company process to learn more about how you, your firm or your clients can benefit from what is certain to be one of the most important innovations in the structured settlement planning market in the last 15 years.


Posted on February 23, 2011 .