BP Oil Spill litigation, what happened at the Boise MDL hearing?

In an exclusive feature of The Legal Broadcast Network we were joined by noted attorney Frederick "Rick" Kuykendall who flew into our Arizona studios shortly after the conclusion of the MDL meeting in Boise, ID on July 30th. Rick Kuykendall, BP Oil Spill Attorney

This meeting was the focus of attention on the BP Oil Spill litigation and centered around the battle for venue and the selection of the presiding judge who will hear and control this landmark environmental legal battle.

In a 90 minute period, the various lawyers and power brokers made their arguments to the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation as to why New Orleans, Houston, Gulfport or Miami should be the location for the case and which judges should be selected to hear it.

As Rick discusses in this video, it will be shocking if the location is anything other than New Orleans or if a judge other than Carl Barbier is selected.

If you are looking for the inside story from a lawyer who was at the meeting and is at the center of this historic litigation you will want to watch this video on the BP Oil Spill litigation, the lawyers battling to control the BP Oil Spill claims and what to expect next as the Oil Spill fund comes into focus and the legal battle commences.

Additional Story in the NY Times may be accessed on this link.

Posted on July 30, 2010 .