Speed of change, you are way behind and don’t even know it yet


Last week I had the opportunity to meet and talk at length with a really bright guy who has been at the heart of the internet sales, marketing and business development world for over twenty years. His experience and exceptionally bright mind was immediately apparent and we got to talking about Sequence Media Group, our business model and the challenges we face in educating our clients about the need for our services in accelerating a firms sales and branding it as “the expert”. speed-of-change

The one point he made that really stuck with me as we talked, was that the speed at which human behavior and consumer behavior is changing the internet marketing world, is only being grasped by a select few companies and firms. Just this morning I noticed that Google has begun integrating “real time results” into Google search, thus giving Twitter users another key advantage in branding themselves, but more importantly moving themselves into the vital position of jumping to page one on Google search in yet another area that the old SEO firms and tactics can’t match.

I also noticed today that Google is running a Beta test of their social networking match on topic results, yet another powerful indicator that positioning yourself or your firm in social networks as “the answer person” in your area of expertise is going to be even more important, starting today. This coupled with Bing’s collaboration with Facebook to match up social status and key word search relevancy should make it clear to anyone that if you haven’t set up your Facebook page, integrated Twitter into your communication and commenced with a video image/education package that you are WAY behind those who have.

I ran a search result on the term, Structured Settlement Expert Arizona, a topic that my other firm, Wahlstrom & Associates, would be interested in dominating or at least appearing in. The results showed several organic listings of my firm along with my profile on the Structured Settlement Expert Directory, but also two video clips, a social media result and a real time Twitter result for an article I did. The point being that in this one topic search, I had my two web pages show up, a professional directory listing, two videos, a social media link via Facebook and a Twitter post.

I’d say I’m properly positioned in all of the key areas and it drives home that people are not going to be able to go to the old school SEO and Web guru quick fix firms, but that if you want to be on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines you have got to develop an integrated content strategy that brands you in your key areas, but also presents you in the best possible light.

If you haven’t started down this path, you better get on it and get moving. Facebook, Google and Bing aren’t standing still, human behavior is changing and the old internet marketing tactics have been pushed to the back of the line. It’s time to look at innovative methods that don’t have to be expensive, but require a coherent strategy and partnering with firms like ours that give you content that fits any email, social media, video or SEO campaign.

Mark Wahlstrom is the CEO of Sequence Media Group and a leading innovator in the use of original content video as part of a comprehensive marketing, education or branding campaign for all types of professionals, companies and non-profits nationwide.

Posted on December 21, 2010 .