What to do if you are offered a structured settlement to resolve your claim

In the second of our on going series on the basics of structured settlements, today I look at the question of what to do if you are offered a structured settlement as a means of settling your personal injury case or claim.

The video outlines the key topics, but Mark Wahlstrom goes over the essential basics:

1. If you are approached by a casualty or insurance company to settle your claim and you don't yet have a lawyer, GET A LAWYER first! You absolutely do not want to settle a case or claim with out the assistance of a qualified trial lawyer, but you would be shocked at the number of people in small to moderate claims that give it a try. Dont' do it, find a lawyer and if you don't know one contact us and we will help you locate one in your area.

2. Get a structured settlement expert to assist you in designing, pricing and planning your settlement and do NOT work with a broker for the insurance company. This does not mean that a defense broker is bad or incompetent, it just means that it is almost always in your best interest to have your own professional settlement expert working with you.

3. Take your time and consider the offer carefully and do not be rushed. Yes interest rates move and change, but that is no reason to make a hasty or incomplete decision on your settlement just because someone says interest rates might change. There is no need to rush and do not enter into any agreement in haste or under pressure.

4. Ask questions and make sure the plan fits for you. The first offer or design of a plan you see is just that, the first design. One of the great benefits of structured settlements is they offer almost limitless design and pricing options and you need to look carefully to make sure what is offered to you makes sense for you or your family.

Watch our tutorial on " What to do if you are offered a structured settlement to settle your claim" and if you need assistance on your case, contact Mark or Evan Wahlstrom at Wahlstrom & Associates, in Scottsdale AZ to help you.

Posted on October 29, 2010 .