Structured Settlement year end wrap up and look ahead to 2010

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, I am joined by Randy Dyer and John Darer, two of the settlement professions most notable commentators to discuss our respective views of the settlement industry during 2009 and looking ahead to 2010. Randy Dyer

We shot this right before New Years and am releasing it now in advance of the NSSTA leadership conference in New Orleans next week to hopefully stimulate some thought, ideas, opinion and heat regarding the future of the structured settlement profession.

There is little doubt that structured settlements just finished the worst year in decades given the decline in interest rates, confidence in life insurance companies tied to the 2008 melt down in financial markets and the exit of several key life insurance partners from the settlement market. This edition is longer then our typical broadcast but if you are a settlement professional you will want to listen in and decide for yourself where our profession is headed in 2010 and the years ahead.

The video on structured settlements features Mark Wahlstrom, the President of Wahlstrom & Associates as the host of the settlement channel.

Posted on January 13, 2010 .