A perfect 10, amazing Google search engine results for featured commentators

Ok, this is a little off the topic for the Settlement Channel, but occasionally I have to take a few moments to brag about the results of our studio over at The Legal Broadcast Network. In this video commentary of Chairman Mark, my discussion every few weeks on issues related to internet marketing, media and video, I point out how totally we dominate video search engine results on the legal topics we tackle.

The reason I mention this is that once again the factoring companies and other financial firms are MILES ahead of the structured settlement profession in how they are getting into video search results and taking over structured settlement video search results the way they took over standard google results over the last few years.

We have recently signed on John Darer to start providing commentary for Legal Broadcast Network in structured settlements, something I'm sure will cause a few coffee spills when they read this, but we are also expanding our commentary to start including a variety of voices in the settlement profession and continuing to keep this as an open platform. As part of that open platform we plan on totally dominating video search results on the topic, so before people get all bent out of shape about WHO is speaking, lets remember the alternative is factoring companies and other marketers who are hostile to our product. Besides, if you want to provide another alternative voice on structures, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call me and i'll set you up with your own commentary as well and may the best commentator win!

Once again the message is that those who make a regular commitment to the creation of original content and they syndicate it across various media platforms are going to dominate search engine results in structured settlement videos as well. It's the fastest growing area of the internet and our industry and it's players ignore it at their peril.

Posted on September 29, 2009 .