Johnson & Johnson Procrit whistleblower case discussed on video

In this video earlier today with Attorney Jan Schlichtmann, attorneys for the plaintiffs in the Ortho Biotech Qui Tam case, joins Speaking of Justice to discuss how this case will proceed given the stunning decision by the US Appeals Court to certify Mark Duxbury as a whistleblower.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this case if it is joined by the US Attorney and Attorney General has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar recovery according to AP reports in todays news.

The question becomes, will Attorney General's prior work as counsel for Johnson & Johnson in any way influence the decision by the US Attorney's office to join the case and attempt to recover billions of dollars of taxpayer money at a time when Health Care is utterly dominating the political news and debate.

Why in the world, given the ruling of the US Appeals Court, which appears to be totally consistent with the Rockwell ruling by the Supreme Court in 2007, wouldn't the US Attorney proceed to go get these funds? I guess we will find out shortly if this Justice Department is going to be a true departure from the Bush DOJ very shortly.

Posted on August 13, 2009 .