$300 Million Mass Turnpike lawsuit a major success for 468B trusts

In what will eventually be a watershed event in how multi-litigant cases are pursued by trial lawyers nationally, the recently filed lawsuit against the Massachusetts Turnpike for $300 million is the largest single case where the 468B Trust has been used on the front end of a case.

Why this is important and relevant to those of us in the settlement profession, is that this novel application of the 468B has now been successfully applied as a case management and client recruitment tool by a major group of attorneys, as opposed to filing a class action.

You can learn more about the case and even check out the filed trust, it's techniques and how members join the trust as opposed to becoming an individual class member by going to www.tollequitytrust.com.

I'm obviously proud of this as I am one of the originators of the concept, founded on the belief that a trust at the front end of litigation streamlines the management of the case by the attorney, provides complete court supervision and transparency and protects the interests of all parties who may eventually see a recovery in this or any other case.

Go to the site, check out how this has been used and be sure to tune into the Legal Broadcast Network later this week to hear from the team of attorney's using this novel application of the 468B trust to sign up clients, proceed with their law suit and ultimately create a transparent, fair and client friendly distribution of any eventual recovery.

Posted on June 7, 2009 .