50 million reason$ why I podcast on The Legal Broadcast Network

As many of you know, in addition to being the host of the Settlement Channel, the blog and broadcasting site your probably reading this on, I am also one of the founders of The Legal Broadcast Network and am currently it's Chairman and President.

In that role I have been the primary driving force in shaping The Legal Broadcast Network into a daily broadcasting site of interest to lawyers, law school, journalists and others following legal news. We are unique in that we are not an aggregator of news, but rather we find the news makers, the lawyers and others who help to explain and provide commentary on news and recent events. As that platform has been shaped and built over the last 3 years, the studio now resides in a brand new facility that allows us to broadcast 10 hours a day, add channels and commentators and dramatically expand the ability of lawyers, journalists, marketing experts and others to reach our growing audience.

As a result of my having to wear many hats, it is quite common that I neglect my writing and posting over here on the Settlement Channel, but what I lack in frequency I hope I make up for in quality. However, the reason for this post is I had a recent phone call that drives home the amazing impact having a channel on Legal Broadcast Network has had on my professional practice.

As you've noticed from our prior posts, a lot of our commentary over the last six months has centered around the growing acceptance and use of 468B trusts, a somewhat obscure but amazingly powerful planning tool used in multi-claimant and mass tort litigation. As part of those posts I have done a series of podcasts and interviews that Legal Broadcast Network syndicates for me as part of my channel package and agreement. What this means is my commentary doesn't just reside on this page, but ends up on Youtube, Facebook, Technorati and other third party sites, all with out me lifting a finger.

People often ask me "what benefit do you get out of your channel, does it really bring you business?"

Well, I would like to share the following story and statistics with you.

On Tuesday morning I received a phone call from an attorney who was asking if I would assist her firm with a reasonably complex but interesting case, which I quickly determined would be an ideal situation to use a 468B trust. She volunteered she had been watching a video on which I appeared discussing this concept and although she didn't know me or my firm it was obvious I had the specialized knowledge on the topic she was looking for. She was able to locate my firm and contact information very simply off the Legal Broadcast Network page and at the end of the call we agreed to work together on her case, which she expects to resolve this summer.

The size of the case is $50 million.

Now, I wish I could tell you I get cases called into the office on a regular basis of that size and quality, but the fact is that our phones ring every single week with new cases, questions from attorneys and others that eventually convert into clients as well as regular customers that just want to know more about annuities or their rights in settlement. I do virtually ZERO advertising or marketing of any other type as it is typically wasted dollars relative to the return I get on the network.

My point is this. My involvement in The Legal Broadcast Network and the amazingly wide distribution of my content and writing has exposed my firm and its expertise to attorney's who would have other wise never have heard of my firm. Also, the fact that Legal Broadcast Network syndicates my contact all over the web means I am discovered on the other affiliated LB Network channels, which is what happened in this instance. The attorney was looking at an attorney's video, but discovered my commentary and case knowledge as a result of my syndication on the network.

If you want to see the impact, go ahead and Google Mark Wahlstrom and see where my name and media shows up. It's truly amazing.

I bring this up because in the depths of a recession and massive turmoil in traditional media and advertising platforms the internet and broadcast platforms like Legal Broadcast Network dramatically improve your online profile and end up driving business to your door you would never otherwise locate.

Legal Broadcast Network is going to be announcing next week a "recession package" for lawyers, legal marketers and financial experts that is value priced but expansive in it's coverage, that you need to look into if you are serious about growing and expanding your business.

If you want to build your practice, if you want to establish your own brand and do it as part of a network that just topped 700,000 verified views and listens per month, contact me through the form on this page and lets talk. I don't care if we are in the same business, this market is huge and I'm willing to share what we know and what we have built if your ready to get serious about creating a professional practice that allows you to enjoy your life and build your professional reputation.

I have $50 million reasons why I plan to keep doing MORE of what i'm doing right now.

Posted on May 28, 2009 .