Wyeth v Levine, analysis of the victors and what comes next.

In what will be a four part series on The Legal Broadcast Network, we have been able to pull together an all star cast of analysts to discuss the exceptionally important victory in the Supreme Court this week on the case of Wyeth v Levine. This interview and discussion was a total of 50 minutes from the attorneys who actually argued the case, supported and nurtured the legal arguments at Public Citizen and Public Justice and brought together the intellectual and legal talent to win what looked to be a lost cause case given the massive spending and politics of the tort reform lobby. Diana Levine at the Supreme Court

The featured attorneys on the panel are frequent commentator and legal analyst Robert Ashkin of Ashkin Law in New York, Brian Wolfman, director of the litigation group at Public Citizen in Washington, DC, Gerson Smoger, President of Public Justice and Leslie Brueckner, counsel at Public Justice. Wolfman in particular served as one of Diana Levine's attorneys on this historic case and victory over the concept of pre-emption.

If you are interested in the back ground on this case, the politics and legal strategy of how Supreme Court cases are worked through the system, developed, argued and eventually won, this is going to be an exceptionally valuable series of podcasts.

Again, today i'm releasing segment one in the interest of time and to get this out to our audience, segments 2 through 4 will be available on Monday afternoon and will be posted on our LB Network sites and blogs.

As I wrote earlier this week, this case is going to have a profound impact on a wide range of stalled litigation in medical devices, drugs and other areas that had hoped that the foundations of pre-emption that were laid down carefully by the tort reform lobby would be validated by the Levine case. Thankfully that was not the case and we can now see a resurgence in settlement talks to resolve cases of clear product liability and dangerous drugs that have sat in limbo awaiting this outcome.

Posted on March 7, 2009 .