468b trust and Qualified Settlement Fund seminar on April 17th.

As many of our news letter readers already know, there is going to be a major seminar held here in Phoenix, AZ on April 17th, hosted by the Tax Institute and featuring national tax expert Attorney Robert W. Wood on the topic of 468b trusts and Qualified Settlement Funds.

This event will be held at the beautiful Phoenix Marriott, literally 3 minutes  from the Sky Harbor terminals and strategically planned to allow for either a quick and economical same day fly in to attend, or a quality weekend stay over if you want to enjoy some sunshine and fun a couple of days after April 15th.

The text book, which is included in the CE/CLE cost is 468b trusts and qualified settlement funds, authored by Attorney Robert W. Wood of Wood & Porter of San Francisco, CA. It is published by the highly regarded Tax Institute and is an exceptional resource. I've got a copy and it's about the size of the Gutenberg Bible and almost as authoritative! It covers every tax, regulator and procedural aspect of 468b trusts, qualified settlements funds and their use in both qualified and non-qualified cases. There is no finer expert then Robert Wood, he already wrote the text book used in most law and tax curriculums on taxable damage issues and now has written what I predict will become the standard of practice on 468b trusts.

What makes this seminar so unique is it is open to trial lawyers, tax lawyers and professionals, elder law and probate attorneys as well as structured settlement and life insurance company personnel. Perhaps no area of the settlement and legal profession holds more promise then the broad application of these trust, while at the same time facing unneccessary resistance as a result of a standard of how taxes and process is handled to make them understood to the every day planner, attorney or tax professional.

Listen to what the Tax Institute has to say about 468b trusts and Qualified Settlement funds:

"Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) are tax qualified trusts for litigation settlement proceeds. They are easy to set up, and offer unparalleled tax and structural benefits. Defendants get an immediate tax deduction and full release, but plaintiffs can defer their income, structure their recovery, etc. They are revolutionizing case settlements, from complex class actions to mom & pop litigation.

Plaintiffs love QSFs, for they can determine when and how to be paid, structure, cash or both.

Defendants love QSFs, for they get their tax deductions immediately!

Plaintiff Lawyers love QSFs, for they can structure their fees, or get paid immediately, even while their clients are still negotiating.

Settlement Administrators love QSFs, which are orderly, tax qualified, and advance settlement goals."

What this is NOT is a seminar on single claimant cases but a truly thoughtful look at the tremendous opportunity to revolutionize and improve the management of a huge area of litigation and settlements!

Featured speakers will of course be Attorney Robert W. Wood on the tax and procedural issues, famed environmental and Civil Action attorney Jan Schlichtmann on how the use of 468b trusts has revolutionized his environmental law practice, Mark Wahlstrom of Wahlstrom and Associates on the key planning and structured settlement opportunities for settlement professionals as well as other experts and providers who will be there for the breakfast, lunch and social hour functions that will give people an exceptional opportunity to network and meet other professionals who are working in this exciting area of settlement planning.

This is event is currently submitting for both CLE and CE credits and is being produced and filmed by The Legal Broadcast Network and it's production arm, LB Network Studios. This is going to be a high value, time and cost efficient event that can dramatically improve your practice and is open to everyone, from defense firms to plaintiff practices and all other disciplines.

You can learn more by going to the event page on The Tax Law Channel or at the LB Network blog where we will profile the speakers, give links to the hotel, contact information for Attorney Rob Wood and answer most of your questions on this event. We hope to see you there!

Posted on March 6, 2009 .