The week in review, 3-22-09.

Oh for a quiet week every now and then.

This week we were treated to the spectacle of the "AIG Bonus hearings" on Capital Hill where every fake, hypocritical and corrupt congressman and Senator decided to take the citizens eyes off the catastrophe of the $1.8 TRILLION deficit and instead beat up AIG over bonus programs that CONGRESS inserted into the bailout bill and voted to approve.

My commentary on this can be viewed here as part of this weeks Speaking of Settlements.

We also had a great wrap up by Attorney David Frederick, the brilliant trial lawyer who argued and won the Weyth v Levine case before the Supreme Court. Our network has worked hard to bring you a variety of commentary on this amazing case as I am convinced this is one of the single most important decisions of the last 10 years for the trial lawyers. To have lost this case would have been a crushing blow that would have required a legislative fix similar to the one being contemplated in the Medtronic case, so that the flawed and corrupt concept of pre-emption can be squashed once and for all. People around the country have no idea how pervasive and powerful the campaign has been to strip citizens of the right to bring suits in state court for liability of drugs, medical devices and other products. Attorney Frederick has argued 26 cases in the US Supreme Court so don't miss this conversation.

As always people often don't realize what they have lost until it is gone. So listen to this podcast of Attorney David Frederick to get a first hand look at this case.

Rumors and other issues in structured settlements continue to circulate that production of structured settlement premium is way, way down in the first quarter of 2009. I get a lot of off the record conversations with some of the leaders in the structured settlement business and it's obvious that there are a lot of brokers hurting right now. Claims are not being paid, self insureds are sitting on their wallets and the cash needed to grease the wheels of the claims and settlement process just isn't there as everyone is looking to conserve capital. We will be discussing this at greater length this week on Speaking of Settlements.

Coming up this week:

1. A conversation with Don McNay on his career in structured settlements. This will be released on Monday morning.

2. Speaking of Settlements will discuss at length the implications of the Spencer vs Hartford class action that goes after the Hartford internal sales program.

3. A discussion with Attorney Zoe Littlepage on the HRT Litigation in Nevada and how that nationwide class of cases are progressing in the Prempro litigation.

Keep watching, keep listening. We move into our new studio and offices in Scottsdale on April 1, 2009 and we have several new shows, daily features and expanded coverage that will be kicking off at that that time.

Posted on March 22, 2009 .