Using video to market to lawyers, three easy steps

I have recently shot a three part series on using video in your legal marketing program that I'll be introducing each day this week. As you may have noticed, The Legal Broadcast Network is developing a wide range of instructional videos for lawyers, marketing professionals and others interested in developing video programs for use in an integrated marketing plan. This isn't an accident but the start of phase three of the growth and development of The Legal Broadcast Network as we continue to demonstrate our ability to develop excellent video content, place that content over a wide syndicate of affiliated and relevant sites and now offering our amazing search engine placement to a select group of commentators.


There is no question but that video search and search results is the biggest area of growth for lawyers and their marketing over the next three years. However, there is still a great deal of confusion as the best way to develop video, distribute it and integrate it into a cohesive marketing plan.

Toward that end I've developed what I call the three easy steps, each centered around a fundamental marketing principal, easy to execute and workable in budgets as small as $500 per month. If you look at the type of results we are talking about and the potential growth of this area of search, being late to this party is going to cost you a lot of potential clients and allow your competitors to run past you.

Watch the "Three easy steps to excellence in Legal marketing using Video" series and learn how you can build your own video search powerhouse and promote your firm and expertise.

Attached is Part one, The importance of quality video.


Posted on November 9, 2009 .