Rapid Response to Scott Rothstein Structured Settlement Debacle Pays Dividends

However the primary beneficiary of the response happens to be the commentators on The Legal Broadcast Network as opposed to the larger membership of the structured settlement profession.

As our readers and viewers know, early last week a story started to percolate in the media that a major Florida law firm was about to be dragged into a scandal by it's well known and flamboyant partner, Scott Rothstein. While the story was big headlines and was related to a classic ponzi scheme by a guy who was busy selling to trusted friends and associates, what caught my eye was the phrase that this scam was based on his ability to sell " structured settlements".

Now, to the untrained or uncaring eye who could possibly care less what he was selling, but the fact is any time the trade name of my industry's core product is involved, I felt it needed immediate investigation and reporting to correct any errors in how it was described. It didn't take much reading to realize that the fraud had absolutely nothing to do with structured settlements but was a classic scam where he tossed in the name because it is generally regarded as the most safe and secure investment possible for injury victims, knowing it would lure in those foolish enough to buy his scheme.

The reason i'm posting this commentary is to demonstrate to you the effectiveness in just a very short time of using The Legal Broadcast Network to respond almost immediately to the issue and dominate Google searches. This was essential in this case as the potential for the trade name to be smeared in the press and over the internet was considerable.

In a 24 hour period we had a video from myself, one from Matt Bracy and one with John Darer and I discussing the topic. This was supported with relevant and timely blog posts and then syndicated over our powerful RSS feed. The net effect as of this morning is when you type in " Scott Rothstein Structured Settlements" that you will find The Settlement Channel as either the number one or two response, with 4 other posts or videos on the result also from the network. We totally dominate the video search and as of this morning have had over 3800 views across our platform of a video related to correcting the perception on the Rothstein fraud.

In this short time frame we have successfully gained the first page of Google, traffic is consistently turning to our content and commentators and it was all done in a matter of hours by simply having people get on the phone and call us. What you will observe is that our network will continue to drive more content on this topic as we will be bringing in some of the key reporters, local lawyers and other settlement professionals associated with our network to comment. 

I'm not complaining and neither are my commentators, but you'd think our two industry associations would take a hint and start working with us instead of forming a committee everytime a new idea is proposed on how to quickly respond in a new media world.

Posted on November 10, 2009 .