CA Senate Bill 510 discussed by Pat Farber of Ringler Associates

On this weeks Speaking of Settlements, host Mark Wahlstrom is joined by long time structured settlement broker Pat Farber of Ringler Associates.

The topic for this weeks discussion is the passage of California Senate Bill 510, a bill that was originally going to be vetoed by the Governor, but with the cooperation and assistance of both the structured settlement and factoring industry passed with enhance consumer protections for those looking to sell all or part of their structured settlement annuity.

The history of relations between the factoring and structured settlement industry have been strained at best, so this bill and the cooperative approach taken to add a level of additional oversight and analysis of structured annuity factoring transactions is a welcome change. The net result, as you will learn from watching this video interview, is model state regulation that gives greater protection to consumers while not restricting their right to factor or sell their annuity.

Posted on October 28, 2009 .