Tort reform panic on the Right?

In what amounts to a panicked screed by Forbes columnist Daniel Fisher, he outlines in his recent online article that "November Election A Lawyers Delight." Essentially he is presenting the position that both Obama and McCain are going to be presented with a string of bills that will halt the steady march of the tort reform machine to pack federal and state courts with pro-business Republican's in Name Only corporatists.

As a Republican who often refers to himself as to the right of Reagan who thought Goldwater was a lefty, I have been sickened by the wholesale sell out of the Republican party to the tort reform lobby. The huge piles of cash thrown at them by The Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers associations, drug companies, casualty insurance companies and others has caused a collective sell out that is only matched by the influence railroads and robber baron's had in the US prior to Teddy Roosevelt ascending to the Presidency. As I often say, any true conservative, or any true American knows, that our fathers, uncles and brothers didn't die in foreign lands so that we could surrender our right to access the courts and obtain compensation for injury just to save $4 on my auto insurance bill. Tort reform has been one of the most intellectually dishonest and massive campaigns to rob American's of their rights and freedoms since the founding of this country.

However, as the gloomy tone of the Forbes article points out, the corporatist, Rockefeller Republicans who have dragged the Republican party to it's lowest level in 50 years, are now realizing that the pendulum is starting to swing back to the middle and that both Presidential candidates are likely to sign legislation repealing any Supreme Court decision on preemption, which has been the Tort Reformers holy grail for the better part of 10 years now.

While it's only a small glimmer of good news for true conservatives to see the inexorable march of the corporatists to strip citizens of their legal rights and capping damages halted to some degree, a great deal of work remains to continue to combat this massively funded lobby that is essentially the tail that wags the dog for the spineless Republican's who have disgraced this party for the last 8 years in office.
Posted on August 12, 2008 .