Legal Broadcast Network unveils new portal and channels.

In what is sure to be a hard sell for the old guard, tradition bound profession of law, the Legal Broadcast Network is taking the wraps off it's 4 month long beta test of it's social and professional network for lawyers this week with the roll out of LB Networks.

Along with the reintroduction of our multi-media portal and the expansion of the number of affiliated channels to seven distinctive shows, with 3 more scheduled to launch in August, the long promised growth and expansion of The Legal Broadcast Network has commenced.

The expansion features three primary upgrades and enhancements that deepen the offerings for lawyers all of the world who visit The Legal Broadcast Network and help to make our portal and networking site a place where anyone interested in the law would want to visit daily. Some of the new revisions you'll be seeing this week:

The launch of The Legal Broadcast Network multi-media portal and front page. As our long time readers and listeners know, we have been on a three month rebuilding campaign for our portal, with the goal to bring you a portal that lets you quickly, easily and logically navigate the rapidly expanding offerings of The Network. Go to our front page at and see the new media, the daily legal minute, links to all blogs, featured channels, advertising segments and subscription to our RSS feeds or news letter. This new look is only the beginning as we will be adding three channels per month between now and the end of 2008, along with expanded daily and weekly video broadcasts from the LB Networks studios in Phoenix, AZ.

The end of the beta test of our social and professional networking site for lawyers. While we are still cleaning up the cosmetic appearance and expanding functionality by adding discussion forums for law students, paralegals and others, you can finally go in, kick the tires and create a profile on the social and professional network for lawyers. What makes our network unique is unlike most networking sites it is totally free to join, has a comprehensive multi-media capacity that allows you to upload audio, video and photos, a powerful blogging tool, personal RSS feeds for your content and an amazing search engine metric that gives you exceptional visibility in key word searches. I know the idea of a profile or media page is scary for a lot of lawyers, and unlike most of the other ventures we recognize this is going to be a slow and steady process of demonstrating why lawyers and others need to be part of a professional or social networking site. I'll be doing a series of blog posts and tutorials on why lawyers and others need to get involved in professional networking on the internet, but until then just take my word for it that FREE publicity and search word metrics is a very good reason to at least join and be part of our rapidly expanding media network.

Finally, the next element you will start to glimpse this week is the start of our daily video broadcasts from either Voices of the Law or Speaking of Justice. The Phoenix studio is being fitted for live broadcasts and video so that our studio staff and guests will have an audio broadcast and video of their conversations with LB network hosts on shows such as Speaking of Justice, Voices of the Law, Speaking of Settlements, Tax Law Conversations and other shows we will be unveiling next week.

So, make sure you are subscribed to our feeds and if you are an attorney get to our new LB Network page and set up your professional profile. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the most web traffic, and what lawyer wouldn't want to be part of that, particularly when it costs you nothing to be part of it.
Posted on August 12, 2008 .