The Joe Jamail videos unveiled by NSSTA and LBN

As many of you know, NSSTA has been taking steps, baby steps in the view of this writer, but steps none the less, in to the online world. One of those first initiatives of which The Legal Broadcast Network was happy and proud to be part of are the Joe Jamail videos on the topic of structured settlements. For those of you who don't know who or what NSSTA is, it is The National Structured Settlement Trade Association, the oldest and largest trade organization dedicated to the promotion and use of structured settlement annuity contracts in personal injury settlements or court awards. Over the years the organization has slowly morphed from a totally defense oriented and dominated entity, to one that now could be called moderately centrist as to it's approach to how structured settlement annuities are marketed. The fact that NSSTA was able, with the assistance of Robin Young of Robin Young & Company of Houston, TX, to get Mr. Jamail to fly to Austin, TX on his own jet, at his own expense and in the middle of his work week, to first address the entire mid winter regional audience and then sit down and do a prolonged interview with LBN host and nationally renown trial lawyer Rick Kuykendall is amazing enough. 1126280_1.jpg The idea even five years ago that NSSTA would have one of the nations leading trial lawyers and plaintiff attorneys attend and address it's members, receive a standing ovation after his talk and then provide what amounts to a complete endorsement of the use of structured settlements, is almost laughable. The organization was so tightly controlled by defense interests and myopic about the issue of speaking to the end consumer of the product that it would have been considered heresy. However, over the last five years and as a result of some truely enlightened leadership and adjustments in their approach to plaintiff issues by people such as Randy Dyer, Henry Strong, Jeff Bowers, Chris Diamantis and Peter Arnold we now have two exceptionally fine video's that are about to be pushed out to the entire NSSTA membership, trial lawyer organizations and plaintiffs looking for answers as to whether or not they should structure annuities. The Legal Broadcast Network worked closely with the NSSTA in shooting, editing and now distributing this content, which brings me to my next point. How can you use these videos in your practice and share them with trial lawyers and plaintiffs? First, you can find them on the NSSTA home page and you can simply put a link on your web page, embed the link location in an email or other wise provide access to the videos through a point and click system to the NSSTA front page where these reside. You can find the NSSTA copies of the Joe Jamail videos by clicking here. The second method you can use to share, distribute or view the Joe Jamail videos on structured settlements is to simply use the "Steal Me" feature on the videos I have embedded on this blog post. These run off our professional networking page at Speaking of Settlements, and you can email them to clients, point them to the link, cut and paste them to your own web page or blog or simply view them there. The first video of Mr. Jamail speaking to personal injury victims about structured settlements is here: The second video, in which Attorney Joe Jamail talks directly to trial lawyers about structured settlements is here. In this video Mr. Jamail goes to the point of basically telling trial lawyers that if they don't consider a structured settlement and offer it to their clients in almost every case, they are make a huge error and are potentially committing malpractice. This is one of the strongest endorsements of structured settlements you can find anywhere, from an attorney who is considered by his peers nationally to be one of the true legends of the law. If you are a settlement professional and you aren't sharing this video with your clients you are selling you and your clients short. Last, but not least, if you find the social network and the NSSTA page to be slow, cumbersome or difficult, you can also link directly to the LBN high speed video server and view the videos there. These links can also be embedded in your web page, linked in emails or made available on your web site for viewing, all free of charge to you and your firm! Click here to view the first video of Joe Jamail speaking to clients about structured settlements, and then go here to view the second video of Joe Jamail speaking to trial lawyers. You may also contact the LBN studio staff by emailing Ed Vogt, CTO of LBN, by clicking here and he will help you put this on your web page, email it or share with clients. Obviously, there is a lot of rich material here, and starting tomorrow I will be doing a week long series on how to distribute and use the media that is being created for you by NSSTA or by LBN. Check back each day or subscribe to my blog feed by clicking the Google button at the top of the page, either way don't miss this series or the interview i'll be doing with Robin Young on the Jamail videos later this week on Speaking of Settlements.
Posted on July 6, 2008 and filed under New Media.