LBN, Speaking of Settlements and Wahlstrom. Whats new?

Well, at some point I needed to break my self imposed exile from both podcasting and blogging that has been going on for about the last six weeks or so. As anyone who knows me is aware, during the last 5 months I have been actively engaged in several ventures, not the least of which is The Legal Broadcast Network, of which I am now officially the Chairman. In addition to that i've been up to my elbows in three significant multi-litigant cases in which my firm, Wahlstrom & Associates was further developing it's 468b trust product and approach to handling difficult cases. In short it's been one exceptionally busy 5 months and one that caused my blogging and podcasting schedule here on LBN to suffer.

So you might ask, what exactly have you been doing and what is going on with LBN, Speaking of Settlements, Wahlstrom & Associates, etc?

1. The Legal Broadcast Network, aka, LBN, has now been fully funded by our venture capital firm and other investors with the final papers and official documents signed just last week. As you can imagine, the process of reorganizing LBN, bringing in top level managements, building a team of advisors and ramping up our staffing and production is quite a project. Scroll down a few items to read our press release, learn about LBN's new CEO, Tim Butler and the team we have built over the last 5 months. You are going to see a major expansion in our shows, channels, commentators and offerings, not the least of which is going to be a substantial build out of The Settlement Channel and it's content and sponsors. I can tell you that we will be back on a daily blogging and weekly podcasting format starting in July with options and opportunities for you to join our professional network and be part of our shows. To say that LBN is going to be making major changes and moving quickly is an understatement, but in my role as chairman and director of channel sales I will actually be doing a lot less of the administration and day to day, which is going to be a welcome change for me.

 2. Speaking of Settlements: If you haven't been over to our beta test page for Speaking of Settlements, click on the link and head over to take a look and sign up. As I mentioned, LBN is going to be expanding it's options and opportunities for our members and one of the biggest innovations doesn't cost you, the settlement professional, anything to be part of it.Speaking of Settlements is a complete professional network in which any settlement professional, lawyer or legal professional can fill out a profile for free, start a blog, post video or audio content or create discussion boards and rooms. I've been running the beta test for about 90 days now and we are ready to really ramp it up. If you aren't yet a member, it takes about five minutes, costs you nothing and gives you the ability to promote your firm, your practice and have a voice in our industry on the internet at no cost to you. This is going to also be the location of all of our audio, video and written material which is being made available to you at no cost as well, so head over, check it out and start being part of the discussion!

3. Wahlstrom & Associates. As my various GA's over the years can attest, I tend to be a big game hunter who spends a lot of time developing new markets and areas that fit my particular business style and interests. As anyone who is even a casual reader of this blog knows, I specialize in structured sales, structured legal fees and particularly in mass tort and multi-litigant cases involving 468b settlement trusts. In the last year I have successfully developed a methodology for utilizing these trusts in both large and small cases, primarily through effective education of our trial lawyers, judges and the life markets who are interested in working with my firm. I'm happy to say we have taken two cases from beginning to end now with this new process, and have about 8 more in process, all of which allow my firm to work cooperatively with other professionals, protect the interests of my clients and the plaintiffs and bring order to what has been a typically chaotic process. I will be doing a lot more joint work with settlement experts from around the country as we continue to develop expertise in 468b trusts and if you want to learn more be sure to go over to my page at Wahlstrom & Associates as I start posting case studies and methods over there. 

Ok, so thats the brief version. I'm back in the saddle, i'll be blogging daily and podcasting weekly. Again, if you have a show, topic or guest you want interviewed, let me know and I'll put them in the rotation. It's good to be back and i'm excited about moving forward. I hope you will join me and come along for the ride. 

Posted on July 3, 2008 and filed under Speaking of Settlements.