Summit Settlements Channel is on the air.

Today the Legal Broadcast Network rolled out their newest channel, that being The Summit Settlements Channel, the first of several unique or company specific channels and shows that allow settlement and financial professionals to "get in the game" of networking, broadcasting and internet marketing.

You can go check out the brand new channel for Summit by clicking here.

The option to join the site is only open to Summit brokers and staff but you can get an idea of the type of material that Stan Harlan and his brokers will be producing, some of the unique CE presentations that were created at their annual meeting, as well as a glimpse at some of the professional networking options that are available to Summit members.

Obviously, I had a big hand in this as I am both a member of the Summit Settlement general agency and also the chairman of The Legal Broadcast Network, but this is definitely not the last company specific channel we will be rolling out in 2008. What makes it unique in my mind are the following elements:

1. Summit has a full enabled blogging platform built into their channel. Virtually every broker who is part of Summit can create their own professional blog or commentary as part of their membership in this channel.

2. Summit has the ability to create, play and distribute video content on their own private branded network. All of the video created at Summit events, or by Summit members, can now be uploaded to their channel to share with other members or anyone searching for information on that topic.

3. Summit will be producing their own weekly audio podcasts, open to virtually any Summit broker or office, for distribution on their Channel as well as being distributed over the Legal Broadcast Network podcast feed.

4. Each Summit broker can create their own professional networking and media profile, with links to their web sites, publications, blogs, audio and video content, all at no cost.

5. The ability to create and participate in discussion groups and areas of interest to brokers.

In short, what Summit Settlements now has, and what other agencies will soon have are fully enabled audio/video and blogging networks that allow them to publish, broadcast and network material and ideas with brokers and clients. All of this at no cost to the individual brokers at Summit!

If your curious as to how The Legal Broadcast Network is able to leave other networks and broadcasters in the dust when it comes to performance and functionality, all inside the most powerful legal broadcasting network on the web, drop me an email and i'm more then happy to fill you in. In any event, welcome to the new world of marketing for settlement professionals.

Posted on July 20, 2008 and filed under Speaking of Settlements.