NSSTA unveils the Joe Jamail videos on their web site today

NSSTA, The National Structured Settlement Trade Association, unveiled their video page featuring the Joe Jamail videos that were produced by The Legal Broadcast Network in partnership with NSSTA.

You can access the video page and story behind these landmark videos by clicking here.

Obviously, as I have blogged before, this is a big deal to those of us in the structured settlement industry. Anyone with any time in our business knows that the thought of a trial lawyer of the stature of Joe Jamail, arguably one of the greatest litigator in US history, taking the time to sit down and do lengthy interviews and to speak to those of us who sell structured settlements for a living, would have been impossible to imagine even 5 years ago. Jamail%20screen%20shot.jpg

The progress that has been made by the trade association to address educating the trial lawyers, judges, disability activists and injury victims about our product is exceptional, with these videos as the latest example of that out reach using new media. 

Be sure to go to the NSSTA page, read the profile and look at the videos and see what has been accomplished. However, of greater importance make sure you get these videos into the hands of your various state trial lawyer associations and legal clients so that they can benefit from the wisdom and endorsement of this exceptional trial lawyer. 

I'll be posting some tips on video distribution, means and methods for sharing these videos and i'm sure that same information will be made available on the NSSTA web site as well. Either way be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to educate trial lawyers and clients about the vital importance of structured settlements. 

Posted on July 14, 2008 .