Mark Wahlstrom talks about internet marketing for structured settlement professionals

As part of the recent Summit Settlements annual meeting I was given the opportunity to do two different continuing education presentations, one on internet marketing and one on developments in mass torts and the use of 468b trusts. I decided to release the internet marketing piece first as it fits in with some of the new developments at LBN, particularly the development of our social/professional media platforms which any settlement professional, life company personnel or trial lawyer is encouraged to join. As you can tell from this video quality, it isn't out greatest technical work, something that provides me no end of aggravation every time I view it, but given the setting and circumstances under which our crew was working it was pretty good quality. Every time we film our staff and studio learn something new, in this case that low ceiling rooms and compressed camera angles make lighting properly a real challenge, but our audio as usual is very good and I think you'll enjoy this tutorial on internet marketing. The points I cover is that any financial, settlement or legal professional who does not have a coherent online media and networking plan is going to be absolutely run over by more aggressive and web savvey competitors. I now work heavily in the internet marketing and media business and I am literally stunned by two things: 1. The speed at which change is occuring and even accelerating in the development of second and third generation internet tools, all of which allow any professional to create a professional media precense on the internet. Just as email seemed foreign once and web pages hopelessly complex and unneccesary, the absolute neccessity of every professional to create a media and professional profile and get into the search engines so their clients and prospects can find them should be a top priority on every firms list. 2. The total lack of knowledge among most lawyers, financial and settlement professionals about how this all works, what it should cost and what the simple, every day things are that every person can do to raise their visibility professionally. I can't stress enough the vital importance of every settlement professional and lawyer to at the very least inform themselves on what is going on, and hopefully this video will assist you in that task. The next step will be doing something about it and of course I am more then happy to point you in the right direction if you just ASK me how we do it and how you can get in the game. Go check out Speaking of Settlements to see what a professional media networking site looks and opperates like. It allows you to join for free, create a professional profile, start your own blog, post media and let people know what your professional practice is all about. All of this for FREE! There are no excuses for anyone to not at least put a toe in the water and learn how to grow their practice and learn some basic tools. I'll continue to post further audio, video and print material bringing you up to speed and making you part of the future. Come be part of Speaking of Settlements and get in the game!
Posted on July 10, 2008 and filed under New Media.