Interesting reading, Mickey Sherman's new book

Every now and then I like to post up interesting interviews or blog posts of guests we have on LBN. If you haven't visited the daily news page/blog of the Legal Broadcast Network I suggest you check it out and see how we have expanded our offerings.

Famed defense attorney Mickey Sherman is well known nationally for his appearances on legal shows for the last few years, as well has heading up the defense of Michael Skakel and other celebrity defendants. While not totally about settlements I think our audience might enjoy the podcast we did with him the other day and some information on his book. What follows is our LBN blog post write up. 

You saw him on Fox news last night, joined by Sean Hannity, to discuss his recent book, " How can you defend those people." However, the Legal Broadcast Network and Scott Drake talked to him first in our interview last week with nationally renown trial lawyer, Mickey Sherman. You've seen him on Court TV, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and just about every law show or commentary and now you can listen to him on LBN. Mickey%20Sherman.gif

In our daily broadcast on Speaking of Justice, we were joined last week by Mickey Sherman to discuss in greater detail his recent book, " How can you defend those people?", a look at his life as one of the nations most high profile criminal defense attorneys.  As his book jacket and review says " In the tradition of true crime bestsellers by Alan Dershowitz and Dominick Dunne, Mickey Sherman delivers a powerful and extraordinarily candid account of his legal career that gives the readers an all-access backstage pass to not only the sausage factory that is the criminal justice system but the “big cases” we have all lived with on TV. "

Speaking of Justice host Scott Drake gets a deeper look at the issue of how criminal defense attorney's need to view their professional and ethical responsibilities, as well as attempt to educate the public on the constitutional right every citizen has to a vigorous and powerful defense. If you are a fan of legal issues, a practicing trial or defense attorney or a law student this well written book is going to be of value to you. 

Listen in to our podcast with famed criminal defense Attorney Mickey Sherman and learn "how he can defend those people" and the crucial role a defense attorney plays in our legal system.


You may also purchase his book on Amazon by click this link. We encourage you to purchase it for yourself or for the next person who asks why "criminals" are entitled to a vigorous defense.  

This podcast is a further example of the kind of authors, legal experts and commentators you can expect to find every day on The Legal Broadcast Network and our daily audio show, "Speaking of Justice". In the next few weeks you will witness our transformation to a daily video show as well, capitalizing on our recent expansion and the acquisition of the people and talent necessary to evolve LBN into the daily watering hole for lawyers of all types, practices and areas of interest.

If you have a guest, a topic or material you'd like to see us cover on Speaking of Justice, drop us a note or call our studio and we will be happy to get them on the air. 

Posted on April 7, 2008 .