Joe Jamail video unveiled at NSSTA

At the NSSTA convention in La Jolla, CA this week the long awaited Joe Jamail videos were unveiled for the membership. These video podcasts, which are available for viewing by going to the NSSTA web site, The Legal Broadcast Network or at Speaking of Settlements multi-media site are some of the single most powerful endorsements of structured settlements by one of the nations leading trial lawyers.


Joe Jamail, famous for his multi-billion dollar verdict in the Pennzoil vs Texaco case, is a passionate advocate for the use of structured settlements in protecting the money awarded injured plaintiffs. This first video podcast, in which he is interviewed by Attorney Rick Kuykendall, is of vital importance to trial lawyers as Jamail focuses on the lawyers responsibility to educate and inform their client about the right to structure their award. In some of the companion video Attorney Jamail will even go to the point of telling other trial lawyers that failure to recommend and educate a client about the option to structure is tantamount to legal malpractice.

Make sure you view this video and give me your feed back on it. There will be a companion consumer piece coming out shortly as well as the ability for NSSTA members to access the entire Jamail speeches to the NSSTA membership and his full interview with LBN.

This is an important first step by the structured settlement industry to combat the million dollar advertising machines employed by other firms to minimize the value of a structured settlement. As more video's and material are put online we as a profession can begin to reclaim the term "structured settlements" from the factoring and financial community that often don't have our clients best interests at heart.  

View the entire video of Joe Jamail discussing structured settlements by clicking the TV box or this link. Joe Jamail personifies Texas Trial Lawyer but more then that he personifies what a trial lawyer should be in advocating the right solutions to protect his clients.  

Posted on April 19, 2008 and filed under New Media.