John Grisham on Speaking of Justice

Each week I like to highlight and post the featured podcast over at The Legal Broadcast Network and this week we have a truly big name in John Grisham. While not specifically on legal topics, but more on his political views regarding Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, it's still a really good podcast and an indication of what LBN is doing lately. Watch for a lot more interviews just like this one, plus the roll out of our daily video podcasts as well.  

In today's Speaking of Justice, the daily legal broadcast and interview segment featured exclusively on The Legal Broadcast Network, one of the most acclaimed and widely read authors in the world, John Grisham,  joins Scott Drake for a conversation that is somewhat of a departure from his standard "book tour" interview. johngrisham-757554.jpg

John Grisham spends a good part of his time with us talking about his support for Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency, his long friendship with the Clinton's and his views as to why he feels she is the strongest candidate to lead the Democratic Party to victory in November. As most of his fan's know, and even others who might not have read his books but who have seen the movie adaptations, Grisham is a former trial lawyer himself, a man who ran for political office back before his writing career took off, and his thoughts on exactly why he believes so strongly in her candidacy should be of interest to his fans, and to political types who are fascinated with the epic electoral battle between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

John Grisham doesn't grant a lot of interviews and we are pleased he took the time to join The Legal Broadcast Network for this enjoyable and revealing conversation where fan's of the author of such best sellers as The Appeal,  The Innocent Man, The Broker, The Last Juror, The King of Torts and The Client, can get a glimpse into the political beliefs and theories of this intriguing author.

While LBN doesn't cover politics on a regular basis, we definitely discuss political issues, the views of trial lawyers and opinion makers in the law, and this is a really enjoyable, insightful podcast that will appeal to Democrats who are looking at the choice between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama and are interested why John Grisham is convinced that Hillary Clinton is the best choice for her party. He also discusses why the idea of a Clinton/Obama ticket doesn't look like a winner in his eyes and the importance of a candidate having been in the arena and tested the way Hillary Clinton has so they are fully able to compete in a national campaign in November. Just a really solid podcast.

You can listen to the entire podcast with John Grisham by clicking here.

Or you can go to the audio player at the bottom of this post which links to the Speaking of Justice video archive and listen to the entire John Grisham interview by clicking the player.  

Also, if you want to know more about John Grisham, you can click this link and go to his official page at Random House which has all of his books, his bio and other information you might want on this author.

These interviews and the expanded coverage you are seeing from The Legal Broadcast Network are just the "toe in the water" of what is going to be a dramatic expansion over the next few months to a full video, daily broadcast platform with radio podcasts, video news and interviews ,as well as in depth writing and discussion for attorney's , law students, judges and others intrigued by the law. Also, don't forget to check out our beta test page for Speaking of Justice, the new social/professional network for attorneys that will feature all of our video, audio, blog posts, discussion boards and social networks. Just one more tool for you to use being brought to you by The Legal Broadcast Network.  


Posted on April 12, 2008 .