Robin Young is my choice for NSSTA Board

Next week in La Jolla the National Structured Settlement Trade Association will be holding their annual meeting, at which officers and board members are elected for the coming year, or years. Our industry is at an important crossroads and is moving a new generation of leadership into key positions in our association. While I appreciate a lot of the work done by "the old guard" of the industry I firmly believe that fresh thinking, innovative people are needed to both energize our industry and association so that it can get off the sales plateau and same old, same old approach that has characterized much of what has passed for leadership in the past.

Toward that end I am strong encouraging our readers to vote for Robin Young in next weeks election of board members.

One of the oldest maxims in the business world is that if you want something to get done, find a busy person to do it, and Robin Young is exceptionally busy with her professional and personal interests. The point being that people who are busy and have a broad range of interests and professional involvements tend to be well organized, committed to excellence and highly professional in how they represent themselves and their clients. All you need to do is check out Robin's web site to learn more about her practice, the approach she takes in handling cases and dealing with injury victims. Our industry needs dynamic, balanced advocates to promote structured settlements and the broader issues we increasingly deal with. Robin has demonstrated that commitment to her clients and to our association and I think would be an excellent choice for our board. I applaud anyone who takes the time and effort to run for a board position or leadership at NSSTA, but even more so the producers in the field who take time away from income producing opportunities or family to give their time and interest to our association.

Make sure you are there for her talk to the membership next week in La Jolla and make up your own mind, but to my mind our association and industry will be stronger as a result of her being on the board for NSSTA and I encourage you to vote for her and support her candidacy.  

Posted on April 10, 2008 .