Mark Wahlstrom joins Summit Settlements

Mark Wahlstrom announced on Friday March 21, 2008 that he was changing his general agency affiliation to join Summit Settlements after a three year run with Selective Settlements International. headshot.jpg

Wahlstrom, well known as the host of The Settlement Channel and the Chairman of The Legal Broadcast Network is also the President of Wahlstrom & Associates, one of the nations first plaintiff only settlement advisory firms, having founded the firm in 1981 and converting it to a plaintiff consulting practice in 1985. The primary business areas that Wahlstrom & Associates are engaged in are large multi-claimant or mass tort litigation, structured legal fee work, non-qualified taxable structured settlements such as environmental or property damage claims and creative uses of 468b settlement trusts in all of the above areas. Wahlstrom & Associates is handles structured settlement, legal fee work and 468b settlement trust work for some of the nations best known trial lawyers and is highly regarded for their innovative approaches to what area some of the fastest growing areas of the settlement profession. 

This week's edition of Speaking of Settlements will have a podcast interview with Mark Wahlstrom and Stan Harlan of Summit Settlements discussing both of their firms as well as some of the areas of opportunity each see for other brokers and settlement professionals in the coming years.  

Posted on March 24, 2008 .