Speaking of Settlements, join the professional network

As I've hinted in prior posts I have been working on a unique social and professional network that allows for settlement professionals, trial lawyers, financial experts and others interested in the settlement profession to communicate and work together. During the beta test we have tweaked the art work, uploaded videos and audios, photographs, started forums and discussion boards and generally given this a test run to make sure it works.

I'm happy to report that Speaking of Settlements, the new professional/social networking site for settlement professionals is now open for business and for you to join! 

I will be sending out a mass email invitation to most of the members of the structured settlement community to join the network, but let me use this post as an opportunity to outline for readers and potential members exactly what the purpose and potential of this social network is, and the principals upon which we intend to offer it to the settlement community to join it.

1. This social/professional network is and will always be free to join. All that is required is an interest in the protection of the financial assets of personal injury or law suit proceeds and the many forms and permutations that business takes. You do need to fill out a profile, have a legitimate name and email, but the only cost to you is a few minutes of your time.

2. There will be no restrictions on membership based on business or professional orientation. Defense brokers, plaintiff broker, middle of the road or life company officer, everyone is welcome at Speaking of Settlements. Yes, even if you have your own radio or TV podcasts, we want you and your content to be part of the network here. It's an open club.

3. You can upload your own video or audio with few bandwidth restrictions. The best of YouTube and Myspace, but with none of the nonsense you as a professional have to endure on those sites. If you have audio or video material, photos, speeches, position papers, you name it, you can upload it and share it with the Speaking of Settlements audience.

5. You can do daily blogging, audio podcasts and now even VIDEO podcasts to the community for free using our Speaking of Settlements platform. Many professionals are looking to get into blogging, podcasts and video but don't know how to build audience or use these tools. We now provide them for free, with the ability to upgrade later to more sophisticated programs, through the Settlement Channel. 

6. You can create forums or discussions that match your professional interests. The discussion and interests go in the direction the community and members want. If you want to start a discussion group on Structured legal fees, or political issues, you simply ramp it up and invite friends and members to join. Take it where you want it to go!

7. You can promote your firm, web site and professional events on your SOS web page to our national audience. No other site on the internet is going to give you or your firm a greater opportunity to promote your web site, blog or professional practice to your peers and others. We have set up every blog to be swept by Google, Yahoo and other major key word search engines so you get exceptional promotional prospects, all at zero cost to you. 

8. Minimal editorial restrictions but a guiding hand. Other then not allowing profanity or material of an offensive nature on the site, we basically let you have at it. If we feel that any particular site or individual is taking liberties with our editorial generosity we will always have the ability to suspend or remove that person. We want free discussion but will enforce our own brand of civility and western justice if needed.  

So, there it is people. Go check it out, put your profile in and take a look at the future. This community is going to provide the settlement professionals their first chance to interact on a daily basis and should serve as a water hole for all kinds of professionals. Jump in, the waters fine!

Speaking of Settlements. 


Posted on March 10, 2008 and filed under Speaking of Settlements.