Vioxx Settlement, update on the process

In this weeks Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom discusses the Vioxx claims process and what is going on with the checks for claimants.

The big question on everyone's mind is "where are the checks and when will I get my Vioxx claims letter." Well, I wish the news were better but this is going to be a long slow pull for claimants, survivors and advisers working with these cases. As I relate in the video, the Vioxx settlement process is proceeding, but it grinds slowly and with very little communication and information coming out of the committee and claims process.

Essentially the attorney's are at the mercy of the system and the fact that cases simply can't be done in block format but instead are done one at a time, case by case, means that some lucky souls will be at the front of the line and others will be at the back of the line.

Check out this week's special report of Speaking of Settlements to learn more about the Vioxx claims process and when Vioxx claimants might reasonably expect to get their settlement letters and payments.

Posted on November 26, 2008 and filed under Vioxx litigation.