Qualified Settlement Funds, a two part series.

In this pre-holiday posting I want to take a few moments to direct you over to The Tax Law Channel, the home page of Attorney Robert Wood, one of the nations premier experts in tax issues as they relate to structured settlements, qualified settlement funds and other issues related to taxable damages.As part of this series you can read Rob Wood's primer on QSF's and how they are being used in the market today by clicking this link and going directly to the post.

I am on record, and firmly believe, that Qualified Settlement Funds, also known as 468b settlement trusts, are going to be the engine of growth for the settlement industry once our "old guard" gets rid of it's irrational fear of these exceptionally useful tool. As we discuss and debate the utility of approved lists ( and I will be getting to part II on that topic shortly ) and other vestiges of our past practices, we continuously over look the wide spread application of the QSF in litigation of all types as a means of selling more structures.

This two part series by Rob Wood is an excellent primer on the topic for those looking to get up to speed on how they work. I'll be following shortly with a similar series on WHY they work and how the settlement profession and trial lawyers need to embrace their use on most cases, as opposed to the current ratio of using them on a small minority of settlements. As with the issue of approved lists, we need to get past personalities and settling old scores in our business and look at what our consumer is telling us and where they are going with their settlement dollars.

Enjoy this two part series on QSF's and watch for a major expansion in our broadcasts right after Thanksgiving. Also, go pay a visit to The Tax Law Channel and see what Rob Wood is commenting on.