Fear and loathing, The Video.

For those of you who aren't aware, we have a parallel site called Speaking of Settlements that you can access by going over to www.speakingofsettlements.com. For informational and educational benefit on how this works i'm attaching and embedding last weeks commentary on the recent NSSTA convention on Fear and Loathing at the NSSTA convention.

On that site are all the audio, video and blog posts of the settlement channel as well as other content that I think will be of great interest and value to our audience and clients here at The Settlement Channel.

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The third benefit is all of the audio and video commentary is there for you to use, share and distribute to any location or interested party you might know. All you do is cut and paste or use the email feature and your in business.

Of course you can also, if you join, be a member on Speaking of Settlements or the Settlement Channel shows simply by contacting me and putting up a profile so we can post your content. In short, why wouldn't you join and participate when it costs so little and provides so much?

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