AIG makes Saturday Night Live

Again falling under the " You know you are having a bad day when...." category, SNL did an exceptionally funny send up on the AIG bail out. You know you are having a bad day when 1. Mike Wallace is in the lobby and wants to talk to you. 2. Your CEO is on the front page of the NY Times taking the oath before Congress and 3. Saturday Night Live update desk does a two minute segment on you.

I am sure no one at AIG will find this funny, but you have to admit it really is pretty original.

Go to the 2:15 minutes left mark and watch the segment on AIG. It is hysterical.

Once again, gallows humor for those at AIG but it sum's up the general public's attitude toward the bail out. Hopefully now AIG realizes it can't be business as usual under the radar.

Posted on October 10, 2008 .