Matt Garretson discusses the Ahlborn decision on Speaking of Justice

Scott Drake, the host of " Speaking of Justice" the weekly interview show featured  on The Legal Broadcast Network, was joined on a recent podcast by Matt Garretson of the Garretson Law offices of Cincinnati, OH. m_garretson2.jpg  Matt is a frequent guest and soon to be another featured commentator on LBN, but is best known nationally for his expertise in the area of medicare and medicaid lien resolution on mass tort liability cases.

His prior commentary on the Alhborn decision, a landmark ruling on the topic of medicare and medicaid lien resolution, has been one of our most downloaded podcasts over the last year. Every trial lawyer facing a lien resolution question related to the rights, responsibilities and details of handling these post Ahlborn finds these podcast to be of great interest and no one covers this issue like Matt does.

Toward that end Matt sat down for 20 minutes with Scott Drake to go over current issues on lien resolution on Speaking of Justice and  the podcast is available in it's entirety by clicking here.

We will be doing a wide range of interviews with Matt Garretson over the next few months, but this segment on Alhborn is clearly going to be another crucial commentary you won't want to miss whether you are a trial lawyer, settlement professional or claims professional. 

Posted on January 8, 2008 .